Monday, November 25, 2013

Gutter Cleaning - The Importance of Basic Gutter Maintenance

Rain Gutter Cleaning Importance & Tips

As an essential part of many Canadian homes fitted with eavestrough or gutter systems, like everything else on a home gutters require cleaning & regular maintenance to perform the job they are intended for. Did you know the primary purpose of gutter systems are to protect the foundation of your home from rainfall? Rainwater is typically "caught" by your gutters and is diverted away from the foundations of your home, keeping your rooms and basement dry and safe. Pretty important!

However, in the beautiful climates in which we live it is quite easy to have accumulation of debris if they are ignored for longer periods of time. Sticks, leaves, rooftop granules as well as dirt can collect and often become clogged as a result, causing your gutter system to weigh hundreds (and even thousands) of pounds, depending on the size of your gutter system & home. This may not seem so bad as the accumulation process happens slowly, over time, so the system can handle it right? Although properly installed gutters are generally quite sturdy, any overflow can cause additional causes for alarm such as and can result in:
  1. Rooftop damage
  2. Water ingresses
  3. Eventual rotting of wooden fascia
  4. Potentially void a home insurance policy due to water damage stemming from plugged gutters
  5. Cause sidewalk slipperiness, add unnecessary wear-and-tear to balcony flooring
  6. Reduced esthetic appearance (exterior)

Although, a quick unclog by hooked pole or even ladder may buy you some time, Clearview Cleaning Services Ltd. highly recommends professional maintenance on your entire gutter system as a long-term protection to your investment--your home. We offer free estimates and are happy to service our customers homes. We are insured and are members of the Better Business Bureau and have many years of industry experience. Call today to have a free home estimate at: 1-855-744-6736. Thank you for viewing and referring your friends!

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